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For commercial or residential security, we offer an excellent range of electronic security systems. You can choose among the most advanced and most popular GSM alarms, supervised wireless systems or standard hard-wired systems. A wide range of wireless and hard-wired detectors and other accessories is also available.
Home automation equipment can make your life more comfortable. You can choose wireless transmitters and a receivers that fit to your requirements, starting from a simple key fob up to multi-channel professional solutions. Wireless room thermostats are extremely suitable for easy and comfortable temperature control. Long distance radio, telephone or GSM communication can be used for remote control or data transfer.
Vehicle security system protection combines sophisticated alarm systems with built-in immobilizing features. The remote alarm transmission using GSM or radio pager is now also available. The GSM vehicle alarm is also suitable for boat protection.
"Nanny" medical devices are widely used for Apnea (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) and other life threatening conditions prevention.
With GSM Desktop Phone you can enjoy the comfort and simplicity of an ordinary phone and at the same time the freedom and other benefits of a mobile network.